If you snore, be careful: snoring can lead to these dangerous diseases.

 If you snore, be careful: snoring can lead to these dangerous diseases.

You must have seen people snoring.  Most people get irritated whenever they see such people but snoring can also lead to serious illnesses.

 Having trouble snoring?

Be careful while sleeping

 Some home remedies will eliminate the problem of snoring

Tissues vibrate when we breathe during sleep and the sound we make when we breathe during sleep is called snoring.  25% of people snore regularly.

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People are snoring because of these diseases Sleep apnea

 According to sleepfoundation.org in the United States, this is a common respiratory illness that cannot be diagnosed normally.  In this disease, the trachea is partially closed due to sleep, which makes people snore.

 Alcohol and cigarette smoking

 People who are addicted to alcohol or cigarettes are more likely to snore.  Alcohol releases tissues around the airways.  Which causes the person to snore.

 Nasal congestion

 If the nose is closed due to any kind of allergy, infection or common cold, the nose becomes heavy and there is difficulty in breathing.  Due to which a person snores in his sleep.

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 If you suffer from obesity, if there are extra tissues around the neck, the size of the airways becomes smaller and it shrinks.  Which is why obese people have a habit of snoring.

How to eliminate snoring

Lose weight if you are overweight or obese

Instead of sleeping, sleep on your back

 If the nose is blocked due to any allergy, get it treated

Do not drink alcohol or smoke before going to bed