How does the vaccine work ??

 How does the vaccine work ??

The structure of our body is such that it fight with external germs. For this,the body should have the ability to separate itself from the external harmful elements and this work is of the immune system. For this, the immune system keeps searching for external elements, which are also called scientific antigens.

Germs are made up small particles. Since they look completely different in the human body., The immune system attacks these microbes through its antigens, these antigens work differently on different germs. For example, there are different antigens for the flu and measles virus. Even two different types of flu viruses may have different antigens.

When a germ enters the body, the immune system sends its special particles , ie antibodies to prevent it. These Y-shaped antibody proteins work for specific antigens, when they come to know of such germs which they have  encountered before, the antibody starts dealing so that the germ can be weakened and it can cause minimal damege to the body. Second to signal infection to other immune cells. These other immune calls destroy and remove them from body . When the body encounters a new germ the whole process takes several days.

Even after the infection is removed from the body, the immune system keeps the antigens of the germ in its memory, which are also called B cells. These memory cells act as antibodies to identify and inhibit the antigen of that specific germ. In this way , if the same germs enter the body again , this new antibody recognises it immediately, they antibody signals the immune system to destroy the germ from the body before it spreads the injection to the body

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Such protection against diseases is called immunity. This is the reason that if a child has suffered from smallpox once. Then such a diseases cannot occur again. Immunity is also created in the body through infection. For example, a person who has been cured after becoming infected with Ebola will not have the same disease again.

Since infection can harm or kill anyone, the vaccine is another way of creating immunity in the body. It is safe  option to avoid any disease. However, till now there are many diseases whose scientists hve failed to find a vaccine and out of these, Ebola is a disease for which no vaccine is available yet.