Bal Varta (Gujarati), Bal Varta in Gujarati,

 Bal Varta (Gujarati), Bal Varta in Gujarati, Gujarati

Gujarati Pride is the Group of Gujarati Entertainment Content Apps.

Gujarati Bal Varta listed as Gujarati Kids Stories is another effort to encourage gujarati reading

Great thing is we have complied the best Gujarati Stories for your kids.

You read and let them read on Mobile devices.

Bal varta is a Gujarati Bal varta application.

This application provides Gujarati Stories for children's.

These will be recalled our childhood memory.

It's said that Stories when being told in language of mother tongue, it's better to remember and explained. Being Gujarati I always wish to tell stories to my children in Gujarati language and they really enjoying Gujarati stories much more than english or hindi stories. Starting from Baal vartao, akbar birbal stories, fairy tales, shailesh sagpariya stories or vartao etc. you can read online on your android mobile or tablets.

બધી જ બાળવાર્તાઓ વાંચો અહીંથી

As we know “Books are best friends”, by reading these stories kids can improve their knowledge as well as develop their logic also. Also we are continuously adding new stories to this app. So keep ready your mobile for new stories absolutely free of cost.

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Some Stories will same there is most of child listen from his/her Grand Parents.

With these Stories are provided,

1. Kabar Ane Kagdo

2. Sassa Rana Sakariya

3. Undar Ane Sinh

4. Jya Samp Tya Jamp

5. Kagdo Ane Shiyal

6. Sherdi no Svad

7. Mulla Nasaruddin, 

8. Miya Phuski, 

9. Chhako Mako,

10. Akbar Birbal,etc.....

It is a child's birthright to listen to a story while sleeping with one's head in the lap of one's parents.  It is much more important for a child to tell a new story than for his parents to give him new clothes, new toys or jewelry.  The children's stories told by Gijubhai Badheka have been read from the last few generations and have become folk tales from house to house.  Other creators have also written very nice children's stories.  We have so many children's stories, one after the other, that children love to hear and read.  Here is a collection of some such popular children's stories:

In the modern age, children are addicted to watching videos on TV or mobile, which is detrimental to their health, but in today's fast-paced life, it is not convenient for people to buy books and keep them with them everywhere we go.  Today we are introducing the application of children's story for you. Now listen to your children's story anywhere instant and their habits and health will also improve.

 You can find below mentioned Stories for Children in this application.

 In this application you will find the following children's stories

 1) Akbar - Birbal - millet rope

 2) One rupee

 3) The sound of parrot Mithuram

 4) Lion and Birbal

 5) Birbal Ki Khichdi

 6) Saint-tailed rat

 7) Caring for monkeys

 8) Force in unity

 9) Akbar Birbal's story - Who is superior in intellect?

 10) Rexie's birthday

 11) Birbal's intelligence test

 12) Children of Birbal

 13) Akbar's riddle

 14) Dhobi's Donkey - Akbar - The Story of Birbal

 15) The Story of Disney Cinderella.