You may think that bombs are raining down from the sky, but you are not

 You may think that bombs are raining down from the sky, but you are not | amazing video

There are different seasons like summer, winter and monsoon.  But among all my favorite seasons is the monsoon season or the rainy season.  I live in a joint family.  Me and my cousins ​​wait the whole year for the rain and when it rains our eyes sparkle with joy.

 On the first rain of the season, we get wet in the rain outside our house and smile happily.  It feels so refreshing on sunny days after taking a cool natural shower in the rain.

 We like to play in the garden because the rain showers rain on us.  We sing songs and scavenge to splash water on each other.  We fight on land like cats and dogs who spill water and sticky mud on each other.

 Our mothers always yell at us but we just like to ignore and enjoy.  I hate it when the rain stops and we need to go back.  These days my mother makes moong dal and onion pakoras with mint chutney.  I love this combination.  After taking a shower we enjoy having pakoras together.

The best part is enjoying the rain with cousins.  We have so much fun together.  I just love rainy days.

 A rainy day instantly spreads happiness and peace in the atmosphere.  It brings a smile on everyone's face and also gives a reason to celebrate.  It is more pleasant to invite friends and celebrate a rainy day with them.

 Farmers wait for rain

 Rainy day is a special day for everyone, but rain holds a special significance especially for farmers.  The growth of their crops largely depends on rain.  The exact amount of rain they last for each year.  These days the monsoon season is often delayed and the rains become quite erratic.

 In such a situation, the farmers wish and pray that the rains come at the right time.  The first rainy day of the season is especially a happy day for the farmers.  This is because it marks the beginning of the monsoon season which promotes the growth of crops.  There is greenery all around.  The fields seem to be full of life on a rainy day.

 Rainy day is special in the life of school children:

 School children have a lot of fun on a rainy day.  For them a rainy day means a day full of fun.  Young children are holding colorful umbrellas and wear beautiful raincoats on rainy days.  There is color all around.  If the rains are heavy, many children have the privilege of going to school with their parents and not by auto rickshaw or bus.

 Children usually look forward to this change.  If the rains are heavy, many parents avoid sending their children to school.  Sometimes schools also declare a holiday on such a day.  What more can a school going child ask for?  They get a chance to stay at home and play in the rain with their siblings and friends.